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Online Course For Fine Artists who want to learn to Show, Promote and Sell their Art. 


What you Get: 


Course Lessons:

  • Putting Your Portfolio Together

  • How To Get Into Outdoor Art Shows

  • How To Set Up For Outdoor Art Shows

  • How To Get Into Galleries

  • How To Network

  • The Sales Conversation

  • How To Make Fine Art Prints

  • How To Frame Your Artwork

  • How To Create a Profile Funnel

  • How To Market Your Art Using FaceBook

  • How To Market Your Art Using Instagram

  • How To Get And Handle Art Commissions and Contracts


Templates, Example Docs and Spreadsheets Included: 

  • Art Commission Contracts

  • Artist Curriculum Vitae

  • Artist’s Statement

  • Artist Biography

  • Art Inventory Tracking sheets and more

What Customers are saying: 

-"The workshop that we had was great. I learned to put away my fears and work on finding the right costumer/audience.” -Sarah


You will also have access into a Private Online Group where you can ask questions specific to your art biz and be a part of a community of artists who are taking their art career seriously. 

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Save yourself $400,  all we ask is that you give me an honest review at the end and any feedback you have.