I risked ruining all of my art for this one drawing

"I am speechless! It is beyond fabulous and exceeds all of my expectations!" -The new owner of this art

This drawing only exists because I was willing to take a risk... the risk that all of my other art might be completely ruined by the downpour of rain one November night.

(Well actually I risked it 2 nights... but who's counting)

Last November I decided to do a 3 day outdoor art festival, now I've never done a 3 day outdoor art festival because my worst fear was that I might do all that work, set up that tent, get all the art framed, lighting, signs, and more ready, spend around $2k in just initial costs, and then either

A. Make no money

or worse...

B. Have all my art ruined with one downpour

But I decided to take the risk because I saw the potential reward...

So I spent months preparing for this event...and would have no idea until the day of what that weather radar would say.

I spent hours getting the tent up and every piece in place, even hired a friend to help, it was finally perfect.

Then... the first few drops came.

My stomach dropped.

I knew I would have to face my worst fear.

I battened down the hatches...covering everything from the ground to the ceiling with plastic coverings and zipped up the tent knowing all I could do was pray.

It stormed all night long...

Like the kind with lightening bolts and rain and gusts of wind...

The next morning the rain had cleared and while the birds where chirping, I unzipped the tent ever so slowly while holding my breath to see what had survived.

Whew...Thankfully everything.... every piece of fragile paper art...had made it through the night. After 12 hours of worry, I could breath again.

Let the festival commence!

Now was the long part of waiting in the booth all day, talking to potential customers, hearing lots of "oh it's so beautiful"..." It looks so real!"... " Is that a photo or a drawing?"

...And then they walked on...

over. and over. and over.

My hopes started to dim that I would make any sales.

Yet little did I know that on one of those long days a woman and her husband would come in, and though I didn't make the sale that weekend, she months later contacted me asking to create this very piece for her husband, one that was similar to my others but of her instead.

That weekend I really only sold enough prints to cover the booth cost, so I felt a bit disappointed since it was so much work and so much risk...

I thought it had been a failure.

but I was wrong...

I have sold several pieces since that show to those people who saw me there and took my card.

It was a success after all, just one that took a lot of risk and some time before I saw the reward.

Whatever it is that you are working towards, you may be doing the work now, you may be taking a risk, and you may even have moments where you feel deflated and like it's just not worth it...

But great things come out of hard times and perseverance. Just keep doing the work, keeping moving the needle forward.

You never know what will come out of the connections you made yesterday and today, the post you just wrote, or the risk that you take.

Cheers to my fellow risk takers! May the rain never stop you!

( Ps...if you know who this woman is based on her tattoo..shh! It's still a surprise for her husband! I sure hope he doesn't follow me! 😬😂)

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