Fine artist focusing in primarily charcoal figure drawing and oil painting... but sometimes murals and more. 


Lauren studied at Florida Southern College where she attained her Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

Her work focuses on the concepts of how we are all connected through simple quiet moments that we all share like drinking coffee and doing the dishes. 

She also has been focusing on the new “My Happy Place” series which are to help refocus the viewer on what truly matters in life, moments of happiness and connection. 


Perspective Series:

The ideas I am currently working with through my art are those of the interconnectedness of people’s experiences, thoughts, and other general habits. 

I am using mundane images that people can relate to in their own lives and in their own experiences as seen through their own eyes. 

Some images are repetitive tasks that others may not see or experience but are somehow effected by, such as the maker and purchaser of products as simple or commonplace as coffee, for example. 

The vantage point that I am using is important because I am inviting you into the perspective of the subject, to stand in their shoes for a moment and experience life through their eyes, looking at their hands and their actions, which may not be all that different from your own. 

Whether that be washing dishes, putting on makeup, making or drinking coffee, putting on a tie or the myriad of other things that we do and never really notice our separation from others and connection to others through these seemingly menial tasks that are actually quiet intimate moments of self reflection.

© 2017 by Lauren Jane. All Rights Reserved.

Orlando, Florida 32801

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